Tour of Caldera & Sunset In Oia (Traditional Boat)

Starts 10:15 from pick up point
Duration 9 hours approximately
Transfer to the port available

The tour starts at 10:15 from our office with a bus. It takes you to the port of Athinios, you will board the boat and start our trip with destination the Volcano, a distance of about 15-20 minutes. Your stay there is for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

To walk up to the volcano to meet the active craters is about 20 minutes through a walkable path. It is worth reaching the top because when you arrive there, if you scratch the surface you will see steam coming out, smell the sulfur and also to take pictures. After the visit of Nea Kameni, the boat continues to the island of Palaia Kameni where the Hot Springs are located. The boat anchors a few meters outside the small bay of Agios Nikolaos, it lowers down a ladder in the water and from there you can swim a distance of about 20 meters to get to the famous mud baths of Palaia Kameni for which are believed to have beneficial abilities for the skin and other diseases. The water temperature is 30-35 degrees but it constantly mixes with seawater. The boat remains here for about 30 minutes for swimming. It's quite a time since there is no beach on the small island where you can stay for a while.

In continuation of the tour, the boat sails to the island of Thirassia. You have 2 hours free time to swim in the crystal waters of Korfos or eating in traditional taverns with different dishes of the island. You can go on foot or by donkeys in the village of Manolas, which is very picturesque with narrow streets and nice view to Santorini and worth a visit. After the 2 hour pleasant break on the island of Thirassia, we start to return back to the port sailing near the volcanic cliffs of Oia to take pictures of the unique landscape.

When we arrive in the port of Athinios there will be our bus waiting for you to get you to the village of Oia where you will have free time to walk through the narrow streets, take pictures of the mesmerizing scenery and watch the famous sunset.

Right after the sunset our bus will be waiting for you to return you back to the starting point, where it also ends.

   Destination Volcano (visit the crater) - Hot springs (swimming) - Thirassia (lunch time) - Oia visit & sunset
  Duration 9 hours
  Departure time 09:20 from Dakoutros Travel or Pick Up Point Time
  Arrival time after sunset 
Trip Athinios new port - Old Port - Nea Kameni - Palea Kameni - Thirassia - Oia port