Taking over from their father the sailling boat Agios Nikolaos, which is the first excursion boat that made sea touring trips in Santorini. After 30 years of experience and continuous presence in the marine excursions to the island of Santorini, Dakoutros family consisted by Yiannis, Georgios and Artemis Dakoutros, created in 1995 a consortium which runs daily excursions to the volcanic islands.


In 1997 the company of Dakoutros brothers brings to the island of Santorini the unique in its category vessel, with glass bottom, the Calypso. It starts with great success to make daily trips to the volcanic islands.

In 2002 the brothers, by their father's command, decided to build from the start a brand new sailling boat, called Odysseas. The ship was build in Ierissos, in Chalkidiki, at the traditional ship yard of Jimmy's, under the eye of Georgios Dakoutros. The exact next year, Odysseas is routed to the daily full day excursion, where it continues successfully until now.

In 2004 the family desides to completely renovate the boat Agios Nikolaos at the shipyard in Syros, supervised by Artemis Dakoutros. The same summer the boat starts sea excursions to the volcanic islands with an innovative way to place the whole charter.

In 2005 the family gives its name to the consortium, and from that season all the colleagues find out about the Dakoutros Bros Consortium.

In 2006 Dakoutros Bros adds two more vessels in its fleet, the boat Santa Irini and the boat Jason. The second was renovated in the traditional ship yard of Naoussa, in Paros supervised by Artemis Dakoutros. The two new boats strengthen the company's presence in the field of marine excursions, bringing the transport task, while the services provided to passengers, increasing the confidence of its customers.

In 2008 the consortium is housed in its on new office, at the old port of Fira.

In 2009 the consortium has a new office at the new port of Athinios, and now owns three offices, in Fira (the capital of Santorini), in the old port and in the new port.

In 2010 the cosnortium adds another vessel in its fleet, the Poseidon, and starts sea trips from the ports of Oia, Ammoudi and Armeni.
Dakoutros Bros J.V.
The company's goal is to continually improve its services to the passengers and to achieve better organization.