Santorini wineries

Santorini is widely known of her wines and the peculiar way that are made. Here you will see vast lands of vineyardsbut not with the traditional way you imagine, but with the Santorinian way.
Due to the climate of Santorini which is very humid, the vines are pruned and made in a way looking like baskets. When the leafage thickens, it keeps the humidity and it waters itself. All these infromation and many more you can find in the many wineries on the island and also taste the varieties of wines.

Santo Winery
is located in Pyrgos, above the port. Open all day from the morning until sunset, it offers tours in the premises of the winery, wine tasting and amazing view. There is also a cafe that stays open until sunset, where you can also do the wine tasting.

Koutsougiannopoulos Winery or Volcano Wines
will amaze you. The entrance fee includes the tour in the basement museum, the winery and wine tasting. During summer season greek night are organized with buffet menu, traditional dances and the typical breaking plates.
Boutari winery
is also one of the most famous around the world and of the biggest wineries of the island.

There are also wineries which are highly suggested to visit such as:
Gavalas winery in Megalochori, Sigalas winery in Foinikia of Oia and Canava Roussos in Mesa Gonia are some of them.